asian (water) buffalo by indonesian photographer dewan irawam.


united states army air corps jacket 


Beat slope



”Blade Runner” concept art by Syd Mead



   ”AKIRA” is perhaps one of the most visually striking anime epics to date. I remeber being completely stricken with awe when I first seen the movie as a child. It was unlike anything I had ever seen before. I absolutely loved the way each individual setting was different from the last. With a wide array of different color pallettes utilized in the film, each scene sprung to life in ways that still have yet to be out matched. But most of all the artist attention to detailing is what makes this film a masterpiece. Till this day Akira stands firmly on a tall visual pedostol in the visual department. With this post I honor what I love most about the film - The Scenery! 

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Oh, I do believe you’re all what you perceive, what comes is better than what came before.